13 de jul de 2012

THYTA FARES - Sängerin

  • SOLO  (keyboards)
            THYTA FARES offers solo performances for weddings, private parties, company apéros, vernissages, hotels and restaurants and other social events.

            THYTA FARES a 4-piece rythmn, Reggae, Soul, Afro and Pop music styles. The formation consists of keyboards.

In a formation, THYTA FARES a wide repertoire made up of : African music, Samba-Reggae, Salsa, Calypso, Pop, Disco,Jazz and Ethno Fusion.

After spending some time in the of Europa (Alemanha), THYTA FARES developed emmense love for Pop, Salsa, Jazz and started collecting a wide range of tunes in this Genre. She performs on requests for parties and business gatherings and other social events as a DJ.